The Talking Dogs family had a fabulous 10 year anniversary in 2013. Highlights included two wonderful days with Sue Sternberg, the launch of the Talking Dogs Scentwork book and consolidating the position of Talking Dogs Rally as THE dog sport for pet dogs. And essentially we continued to nurture puppies and help their owners prepare them for  a long, happy and fulfilling life. 2014 will be no less exciting.

Puppy classes are as popular as ever with us striving to keep up with demand. We provide prestige training classes and events all conducted in a style that does not resort to bullying, threatening or breaking your dog's spirit. We help you channel your dog’s energy, teach your dog to follow your requests and help you to better understand, and enjoy, why they behave as they do. With a new course starting every few weeks, puppies in Peterborough are in safe hands. For the full list of dates, times and details, please go to our Puppy Training page.

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