Talking Dogs has come a long way since it’s formation in 2003. From training hundreds of puppies and adult dogs in classes, helping dogs through behavioural challenges via veterinary referral and expanding training skills through one to one sessions, we have evolved, grown and learned. Our core principles have never changed, we always work hard to look at the world from the dog’s perspective. What is fun for them, what is frightening, what hinders understanding, how can we be clearer? These principles are at the heart of everything we do. Dogs are not tools for our amusement, work or whims, they are individuals with their own ideas, desires and needs.

Our aim is to work together with our dogs so that we can all have

authentic, connected, adventure-packed lives.

Over time our work has naturally concentrated into two main areas, Talking Dogs Scentwork® and Talking Dogs Rally®. Keeping pet dogs firmly at the centre of all we do, these team-driven activities give dogs and people many opportunities to build confidence, increase knowledge and have fun together Please visit our dedicated websites to find out how to get involved in the fun!

Please note: We no longer offer any classes, including puppy classes, 121 training or behavioural consultations as we are so busy travelling all over the UK delivering scentwork and rally workshops.